The Chair One Fitness instructor is compassionate about people and understands the goal is to keep people moving beyond their limitations. The instructor understands how to accommodate various fitness levels and is knowledgeable about how to adjust exercises based on the participants abilities.

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Complete the Chair One Fitness online instructor course from the comfort of your home and completely at your own pace. It's Easy:​​

  1. Enroll

  2. Enjoy the Course

  3. Submit Video Assessment

  4. Boom you're an INSTRUCTOR!

Chair One Fitness Live Zoom Training Ins
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This live training will be one day and your certification will be received at the end.

Saturday, February 19th
9am - 6pm EST

Virtual Training

Saturday, March 12th
9am - 6pm EST

Virtual Training

Saturday, April 9th
9am - 6pm EST

Virtual Training



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Completed the online instructor course and ready to submit your video? Click the button below to cross the finish line and be one step closer to your certification.

The final thing you have to do is submit a video of you doing Chair One Fitness Choreography to "Cheerleader".

When recording your video we are looking for:

  • A good introduction

  • Your pop of color in your attire

  • Directional and descriptive verbal cues

  • Visual cues

  • Encouragement ("Good job" and other forms of student encouragement)

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Most Chair One Fitness instructors opt into the Membership Program to maintain their Certification without having to re-certify every year.​

Benefits of the Membership Program:

  • Only $25 a month or $175 a year

  • Access to the Member Portal

  • Exclusive Member discounts


    Chair One Fitness Choreography

  • Continued Education for Instructors

  • Access to free business resources (for ex. class flyer templatesbusiness card templates, etc.)

  • Your information listed on "FIND A WORKOUT" and "FIND AN INSTRUCTOR" on the website





Don't see a training in your area? If you have a location that will be interested in holding a training fill out the Host Application. 

Otherwise, submit a request and begin the conversation. Someone will contact you within 48 hours of your request.

Thanks for submitting!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chair One Fitness?

Chair One Fitness a comprehensive chair-based dance fitness program. You can become an instructor or enjoy or on-demand workouts. Our program was created for individuals who have complications standing during a fitness regimen. This includes senior citizens, people with balance deficits, injuries, disabilities, or suffering from obesity. It is designed to keep individual’s mobile to ensure they remain progressive in daily function and/or recovery. This program delivers a fun, musically driven, interactive, full body workout that uplifts people through dance and fitness movements.

What is the Chair One Fitness Instructor Training?

The Chair One Fitness Instructor Training is designed for any person who wishes to provide fitness classes to people of all abilities. Included: -Chair One Fitness Instructor Manual -Chair One Fitness Certificate of Completion -Continuing Education Units/Credits depending on organization -License to teach Chair One Fitness classes (License does not expire for members. License expires after 1-year for non-members)

How do I become a Chair One Fitness Instructor?

There are two options to become a Chair One Fitness Instructor. The Live Zoom Instructor Training or the Complete Online Course.
Live Zoom Instructor Training: -View the dates and times of upcoming trainings, visit our “Become an Instructor” page -Register for the date that works best for you -Downloadable manual will be sent to you -The training is 9 hours and includes a lunch break The Complete Online Course -Register on the “Become an Instructor” page -You will have 30 days after registration to complete the training

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes, a participant must be 18 years or older to attend any Chair One Fitness Instructor.

What is the difference between the Live Zoom Training and the Complete Online Course?

Those who complete the Live Zoom Instructor Training have the opportunity to receive their certificate of completion that same day. Those who take the Complete Online Course have the luxury to move at their own pace but to receive their certificate of completion must “Cross the Finish Line” by submitting an assessment video.

Does the Chair Oner Fitness Certification Expire?

The Chair One Fitness certification will not expire for those who join the Chair One Fitness Member Portal. For non-members the certification will expire after one year.

What is the Member Portal?

The Chair One Fitness Member Portal offers instructor resources including choreography, downloadable marketing materials, discounts on apparel and more! Becoming a member is great because the instructor’s certificate will not expire.

Are there any additional fees?

After the cost of registration, the only additional cost is the instructor takes advantage of the Member Portal. We have both $25 monthly or $175 annual options.

Is there a demand for Chair One Fitness Instructors?

Yes! The demand is high! Our senior population is currently one of the fastest growing as “Baby Boomers” are now being called the “Silver Tsunami”. There is also an increasing demand for inclusivity. Meaning, to provide fitness and wellness options to all people no matter their age, size, or ability.

Will I earn CEUs/CECs?

Chair One Fitness is a Pre-Approved course for many organizations. Those who are with those organizations will receive 8 CEUs/CECs. NCCAP - National Certification Council for Activity Professionals NCTRC - National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine AFAA - Aerobic and Fitness Association of America NCCDP - National Certification Council for Dementia Practitioners NAAPCC - National Association of Activities Professionals Credentialing Center NZSDRT - Diversional and Recreational Therapist in New Zealand

Do you provide music?

We do not provide music however all of our songs can be found on iTunes, YouTube, and other popular platforms.

My facility wants to host a Chair One Fitness Instructor Training. How do I do this?

If you know of a facility that might be interested in hosting Chair One Fitness Instructor Training, ask the potential host to email Requirements to Host a Training -Minimum of 25 people -Must provide facility and chairs -Must provide table for check-in -Must actively promote training

How do I renew my certificate of completion if it expires?

Retake the Chair One Fitness Instructor Training: By retaking the Chair One Fitness Instructor Training, you'll not only renew your certificate, you'll get a fresh perspective on teaching our classes.

What happens after the instructor training? When can I start teaching?

During the Chair One Fitness Instructor Training we have an entire section dedicated to preparing you to teach both in-person and virtually. After completing the Instructor Training, you can begin teaching whenever you feel comfortable and ready. Every instructor is an independent contractor, which gives you the freedom to set your own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc. at any facility you choose.

If I have a conflict and must leave before the Instructor Training is over. Can I still get my certificate?

If you have a conflict, we highly recommend that you take an Instructor Training at another time when you are able to stay for the entire duration. Your Lead Educator will cover a lot of very important information and to ensure you will be prepared as an instructor it is important for you to attend the complete duration of the training.

If I sign up for an instructor training and then cannot attend, can I transfer my registration to another instructor training?

You can transfer your registration to another training within 1-year of the original training date.

I registered for an instructor training, but I have to cancel. What can I do?

If you are unable to attend your training, you have three options: 1.You can request a refund within the first 24 hours of purchase. 2. A $75 USD cancellation fee will apply for all cancellation requests. To proceed with your cancellation, please email 3. You can transfer your registration to another training within 1-year of the original training date.

What should I bring and wear to an instructor training?

You should wear comfortable clothes that are easy for you to move in along with extra clothes in case you sweat and would like to change. Bring a towel and water. Although we provide a downloadable instructor manual, bring a notebook and pen to take additional notes.

What are the Chair One Fitness On-Demand Workouts?

Chair One Fitness On-Demand workouts are pre-recorded 30-45min classes. You can select your high intensity or low intensity. These are perfect for at home workouts for personal use or at a community with residents/members.

Can anyone become a Chair One Fitness Instructor

Yes! Anyone over the age of 18 can become an instructor. This training will serve as a great credential for fitness professionals, activities professionals, and recreational therapists, and more! As we stated anyone can become an instructor. If you're a mom, a teacher, a fitness enthusiast, a human… this is for you.

Can I train others to teach Chair One Fitness?

No, only a Chair One Fitness Lead Educator can train someone to become an instructor. If someone on your team is interested in teaching, they must register for and complete the Chair One Fitness Instructor Training.