Company Shoutout

Q&A with NEXTonSCENE Media's Jackie Zukerman Delroy

What is your company's mission statement and vision?

Showcasing tomorrow’s scene today for start-ups to celebrities giving you access to up-level your visibility online and beyond! 


Does your company have core values or a culture you want us to know about?

Down to earth entrepreneurs who are go getters and ready to step out of their comfort to grow!


How did your company start, what is the backstory?

I relocated to Boston from New York not knowing a sole person outside of my boyfriend at the time who now is my husband. I forced myself to go out and network , and learned how to build a podcast system off of YouTube from my guest room closet in 2015 when podcasts were just starting to come out! my podcast grew so fast and got so many people exposure people wanted to hire me for more things / so I went back to the drawing board , grew clients social media and public relations presence and created quarterly events for all of them to connect. Being in the PR world and newer to Boston it was very hard to get in media. I was ignored left and right and or declined and I was like this not how I want others to feel! So, I went back to the drawing board in 2016 and created a print and digital magazine off of Canva! It started just for my clients and now it has expanded way beyond that!


What product does your company offer?

Marketing Strategy to up-level your visibility online and beyond, branding photo and video shoots, group marketing coaching programs, magazines in print and digital, podcasts, video interviews, PR placements and much more! 


What are 3 important things to know about the company?

You can create something for nothing. Everything starts out of your comfort zone so if you are ready to really learn some skills to grow your network and make $$ online through social media and digital marketing, we want to be your source for that!


What did you do when the pandemic hit? How did you Pivot?

Such a great question. So, I love having my bi-annual Fashion/entrepreneur expo events bringing all my network together and I unfortunately lost money due to having to cancel it. On a positive note in many ways my company has expanded so much digitally! We have more strategy clients, virtual meetups, our magazine has grown beyond our greatest dreams so for the things we lost we benefited in so many other ways!! 


Additional Information/Important Content

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