Roll Call

Lee Anne Huff




Q: What You Love About Being a Chair One Fitness Instructor?

A: The ability to inspire all fitness levels and bring smiles to those who are looking for an alternative workout.


Q: Hobbies

A: Paddle boarding, hiking, spending time wth family and friends.


Q: Name a challenge…

A: Teaching facing the class and left/right coordination. LOTS of practice in front of a mirror and literally putting an R on my left foot and an L on my right foot!


Q: Precious Moment

A: Witnessing a proposal! A Zumba regular was doing her her zone...and he came in, found her, and literally got down on one knee right in the middle of class!


Q: Fun Facts

A: 1. I was Director of News and Sports at my undergrad college radio station, WZMB. and at one point planned to go into educational broadcasting. 2. I have been teaching Group Fitness for almost 32 years!


Q: Pop of Color

A: I like to primarily wear all black or white and throw a shock of a bright color are my favorite way to do this!

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