Meet Our


This month we want to introduce you to someone who is behind the scenes. Jessica Back a.k.a J.Black is our Operations Manager here at Chair One Fitness. She has worked side by side with Alexis to make sure that Chair One Fitness operates smoothly and she relies on her 7 years in the group fitness industry to navigate and keep up with the demand of change in the virtual age of 2020.

Here are some fun things to know about Jessica:


Q: What is your occupation other than Chair One Fitness Operations Manager?

A: Other than Chair One Fitness Operations Manager; I am a co-owner of CTY FITNESS LLC and Chief of Operations for them. I also do hair and makeup as a freelance artist.


Q: What are your hobbies?

A: DIY Arts and Crafts, knitting, writing free verse poetry, sketching, painting, binging Netflix and Hulu. I probably have watch Friends and How I Met Your Mother a thousand times over.

Q: What are some teaching tips for Instructors?

A: Oh I love this question because I am a firm believer in sharing best practices. Although I have never taught a class, I have been in the industry for over 7 years and I always remind instructors to always be a student first. Be open to learning and refining your skills. Practice everything, from how you are going to walk into your class to setting up the playlist for the day, even how you are going to introduce your class, you must practice. Practice your choreography and how to cue it. You almost want your cues to become a part of the choreo so you just let muscle memory do its thing and you can have fun engaging your students.

Q: Two fun facts about you?

A: I have 7 God kids and I truly believe in seeing others win.