Hey everyone meet Marquita. She is one of our Chair One Fitness Lead Educators coming out of Virginia. Marquita started teaching Chair One Fitness with Alexis as a sub-instructor for Alexis' classes. The students loved Marquita's energy and teaching so much that Alexis knew that she would only bring value to the Chair One Fitness Educator Team.

Get to Know Your Lead Educator

Here are some fun things to know about Marquita:


Q: What is your occupation other than Chair One Fitness Lead Educator

A: Financial Systems Analyst with Information Technology Coalition (contracted through the US Coast Guard)


Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Teaching dance fitness, eating, sleeping, painting

Q: Name a challenge you faced as an instructor and how you over came it.

A: As an instructor, you will always run into a challenge. One challenge that stands out is getting ready for class and the sound system not working. I immediately panicked, but quickly remembered that I usually have a portable speaker in the truck of my car. Thankfully I was driving the car with the extra speaker and the issue was resolved. (Always have a backup of everything to be on the safe side). 

Q: Tell us a precious or funny moment you have experience while teaching

A: A funny moment for me is “remixing” a routine that the students knew. While I continued to do the incorrect move, I looked out in the crowd and saw the participants doing the correct move and we all laughed it off and I quickly corrected myself the next time around. 

Q: Two Fun Facts about you

A: I am married to my middle school sweetheart....met in 7th grade (1997); I absolutely LOVE to eat....my favorite place to eat is Chipotle! 

Q: Your fave way to wear a pop of color

A: I love to wear a pop of color in my shoe. Everyone notices a persons shoe, so it’s the perfect place to add that style and flava! 

Q: Teaching Tip for Instructors 

A: Always SMILE and HAVE FUN!!! 

Q: Whats on your Chair One Fitness playlist

A: Old Town Road, Chiquilla, Rockin' Robin, Uptown Funk, Get Down Tonight, and I Guess that’s Why They Call It the Blues