Company Shoutout

Commit to You Fitness, LLC is the umbrella company to COMMIT Dance Fitness. CTY Fitness started off as a location for instructors to teach as long as they made one promise; they had to COMMIT to themselves on becoming the best instructor they could be for their students. CTY started with a group of instructors under the mentorship of Donna Black. In April 2017 Donna took CTY and turned it into a business with her sister, Jessica Black and their business partner and long-time friend, Jessica Quande.

Donna, Jessica aka J.Black, and Jessica Quande aka Quande, met while working for a different dance fitness format. They left the company around the same time. Donna and Quande continued teaching without a format and J.Black went to work for State Farm. While Donna and Quande were traveling and teaching, many people asked "what are you guys doing?" "Are you making your own format?" With the feedback they received and the instructors still teaching at CTY, they decided to make CTY a business and COMMIT Dance Fitness became the format they will teach.

The mission of COMMIT is to bridge all communities through music, dance, and fitness. With five core values that drive the format; 1. COMMUNITY, 2. RESPECT, 3. EMPOWERMENT, 4. WILD OUT, 5. COMPASSION THROUGH ACTION; CTY COMMIT has established itself as a format for the community where the culture of the format defines the format. 

CTY COMMIT made sure to create a space for instructors to feel welcomed no matter their background in fitness. When they said "all ages, all abilities, all levels" they meant it. COMMIT has grown to have over 600 instructors, in over 15 states, and in countries like Japan they don't see themselves slowing down anytime soon.

Even during a pandemic, CTY COMMIT has been able to still do virtual trainings via ZOOM, have virtual live classes via BAND app, and still produce their product for their instructors. They offer 7 new choreographies every month for their instructors on the Vault. In order to do so, they took filming outside. Making sure to abide by CDC regulations federal and state wide. You can tell that being consistent is important to CTY.

They're able to be consistent because of their growing Core Team, Creative Team, and Development Team. Each team takes on different responsibilities to keep the CTY train moving. The Core team consists of 10 people. They are the day one members who helped create and establish CTY. The Creative Team and Development Team are finishing their first year with the company. The Creative Team are who you see on the Instructor Vault and the Choreo Scene on YouTube. The Development Team are the trainers laying the ground work at the COMMIT D.A.N.C.E LAB (Instructor Training).

You can keep up with CTY COMMIT Dance Fitness by going to their website to find out about their upcoming events and LABS. Going into 2021 they have plans to provide more options for their instructors to develop their skills within the format and to create more ways for their students to be successful in their class. We will check back in with CTY COMMIT next year to see how their community will grow.