Roll Call

Jasmine Mathew

Frisco, TX

Recreation Therapist 

CEO, "Jasmine's Beat" 

Adaptive Dance Company


Q: What You Love About Being a Chair One Fitness Instructor?

A: I love that it applies to all ages and abilities!


Q: What You Love About Being a Chair One Fitness INSTRUCTOR?

A: I absolutely LOVE my students - they are THE BEST!!!  I also love seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter during class.  Sadly, we are only virtual right now because the senior centers aren't open, but we are trying to make the best of it.


Q: Hobbies

A: Dance, movies and family time


Q: Name a challenge…

A: Virtual classes for Special needs students is always a challenge. Giving a little grace and adding more fun activities outside of dance helps.


Q: Precious Moment

A: Someone was so proud of themselves, they started saying what steps to do next to the other students!


Q: Fun Facts

A: I love rock climbing and have started airplane pilot training!


Q: Pop of Color

A: Purple anywhere!