Meet Jorge Rivera

Jorge is a Chair One Fitness Instructor and a new addition to the Chair One Fitness Choreography Team. He has been in the dance fitness industry for over 5 years, teaching Zumba, COMMIT Dance Fitness, MixxedFit, and more. You recently saw his debut with Chair One during the Halloween season with his choreography to Ghost Buster.

Click here to the watch the choreography now

Tell us where you are from?

Originally from Puerto Rico but have been living in Hampton Roads for 20 years

What do you do for work?

Executive Team Leader - Specialty Sales for Target and group fitness instructor for Onelife Fitness

What You Love About Being a Chair One Fitness Instructor?

Thanks to Chair One Fitness I can reach different populations I couldn’t with my other certifications/licenses.

Do you have any hobbies?

Cooking, baking, wine pairings, and yoga

Name a challenge you faced as an instructor and how you overcame it?

Transitioning into cycle and bootcamp formats required a different style of coaching and after two certifications I received a year ago through for their exclusive formats I was presented the opportunity to launch these classes. I didn’t want to say no, so I started practicing and studying religiously. I would watch seasoned instructors and then I would record myself practicing and critique my performance regrading clarity of my verbal cues and instructor form.

Tell us a precious or funny moment you have experience while teaching?

I love using Latinx and Caribbean folkloric rhythms when I teach dance fitness classes. I remember I went teach one of my Zumba®️ classes and I had just added a Haitian song to my playlist. Three of my students were singing along and just radiating how the whole time and after class we had a discussion about why they love being a Haitian and that they appreciated me using their culture’s music.

Tell us two Fun Facts about you.

I make my own beard products. I’m vegan.

What is your fave way to wear a pop of color?

Headwrap or hat

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