Meet Neesh

Dennishia (Neesh) Jones is a Chair One Fitness Instructor and a new addition to the Chair One Fitness Choreography Team. She is a Trainer for MixxedFit and when she found Chair One Fitness she knew she had to join the community. She took the training and her personality along with her execution caught the attention of Alexis. After that, Neesh slowly showed initiative by presenting Chair One Fitness at local events. Here is some more about her.

Tell us where you are from *

Columbus GA


Assistant Community Director

What You Love About Being a Chair One Fitness Instructor.

Showing people that there is a format for anyone of all conditions and situations ages and backgrounds. No excuses to not keep your body moving!


Dancing, crafting

Name a challenge you faced as an instructor and how you overcame it.

Comparing my abilities to others...Feeling inadequate at times. How I overcome is remembering that I have something special and the world deserves to see it!! That the objective is to use what God has given you to help others.

Tell us a precious or funny moment you have experience while teaching.

Wore a wig to teach a dance fitness format ...why? Lol Dancing my little heart out and my wig falls off!! I pick it up and kept going using it as a prop!

Tell us two Fun Facts about you.

I love everything apple...I do mean EVERYTHING!! I am afraid of all bugs- got out the car at a red light because a bee was in the back window.. Mr. Bee could have had that car.

What is your fave way to wear a pop of color?

I love pops of color ANYWHERE but my fav places are in my top or my shoes! I love unique shoes

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