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Lauren Beasley, Founder + Executive Director What is your company's mission statement? We are an inclusive dance studio that empowers individuals of all ability levels to learn life skills through dance. We use the power of movement and music to transform our students lives while providing a nurturing, inviting community for all. How did your company start, what is the backstory? Most of my life’s’ fondest memories happened on a wood grain floor, dancing my heart out. My dance studio was my favorite place to be. It brought joy to my life that nothing else could. One day, when I was around 13 and on my way home from dance class, I asked my mom why there weren’t any dance studios for people with special needs. My mom replied, I don’t know. Maybe you will open one someday. Seven years later, I was in my senior year at the University of Southern Mississippi, studying dance education. During my capstone course, I was required to create a presentation on anything related to dance. Upon remembering the conversation, I had with my mother many years before, I decided to give mine on the benefits that dance has for people with Down syndrome. After the presentation, one of my professors said to me, ‚You should start a program like that, and I thought, maybe I will someday. By 2018, I had built a career in the dance and fitness world. I felt proud of my accomplishments, but there was still something missing from my life. Again, the idea to create a program for people with special needs resurfaced. But this time, I took action. I began my research, looking for similar programs, but I found that options were limited. I contacted professionals and went on coffee dates with strangers, seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the special need’s community. In all my conversations, I found that people were willing and eager to help! They wanted to see my dream become a reality because they believed just as much as I did that the world would benefit from this program. What did you do when the pandemic hit? How did you Pivot? The pandemic required us to immediately pivot. Many of the individuals I serve are immunocompromised, making them "high risk." I immediately started offering virtual classes, which has now become a new leg of my business! We now have students across the country that tune in to our weekly classes online. I consider this one of the small silver linings of 2020! Check out Move Inclusive Dance https://youtu.be/0TbtA8ePWgA Website https://moveinclusivedance.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/moveinclusivedance/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/moveinclusivedance/

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