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"ParaPer4mance was created for me and you: Anyone who is in a wheelchair or who has limitations with mobility. Recently injured, elderly, paraplegic, quadriplegic, wheelchair bound, recent stroke, spina bifida, and other complications that lead to the use of a wheelchair are all encouraged to use ParaPer4mance’s mobile fitness routines.” (https://paraper4mance.com/about-kenneth-keitt/) Kenneth Keitt Founder & CEO What is your companies mission statement? To innovate the rehabilitation industry by providing adaptive solutions, minimizing barriers, and providing critical life resources for people with mobility impairments. What is the company vision? To empower individuals, communities, and organizations around the world to independence. Does your company have core values or a culture you want us to know about? Community Sustainability Partnership Philanthropy Accessibility Innovation Diversity & Inclusion Creativity How did your company start, what is the backstory? In 2012 at the age of twenty one years old Kenneth Keitt was paralyzed in a tragic car accident. As a Military veteran he was also physically fit and motivated but still managed to have a hard time finding resources and navigating the rehabilitation process which delayed him for achieving the independence he desired. Since then he dedicated all his energy and efforts to finding a solution for an estimated 18 million people in the US and 75 Million globally who identify as having limited mobility. What product does your company offer? A Social wellness mobile app that provides an exclusive global community where users can chat. meet, and learn from like minded individuals around the world. An extensive catalog of programs created and designed by specialized professionals. Our Digital currency "ParaPoint". ParaPoints are earned when users interact, daily use, and achieve goals and complete programs. What are 3 important things to know about the company? We Served all ages and abilities Veteran Owned Our customers come first What did you do when the pandemic hit? How did you Pivot? We created a hotline for our customers to reach out and in the event of loneliness or mental distress. We also began developing our mobile app to increase accessibility, and offering to our customers while in the comfort of their homes Additional Information/Important Content Platform Open for new beta tester contact info@paraper4mance.com Website: https://paraper4mance.com

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