Company Shoutout

For the month of September we want to introduce an innovative and unique company. The company, willGather, is the rolodex of entertainment and your favorite vendors. They partner with each Activity Director to add to the list of favorites in the database to find all of the information in one place, online, updated, and accurate. The company was created by Nicole Will who took her personal life experiences and turned it into magic. The mission of willGather aligns with Chair One Fitness and that is why we are giving a shoutout this company. During these trying times willGather is sticking to their mission and pivoting with the rest of the world.

Nicole Will was inspired to start willGather after her experience growing up. Her grandmother was able to live with her family which turned into a special bond between Nicole and her grandma. This bond motivated Nicole to get her Bachelor in Science of Human Services: Gerontology. Nicole is also actively certified with NCCAP (National Certification Council for Activity Professionals). She has also served many years as a Director in a Senior Living Facility overseeing Therapeutic Recreation, Volunteer and Spiritual Care Departments, and a private elderly care companion. With all her experience she found herself searching for resources that would provide all the favorite Entertainers and Event Providers along with what they provide and the new ideas to be found in one central location. After researching and discussing the need with fellow Activity Directors she created willGather.

“willGather’s mission is to bring people together. Our hope is to create a sense of community, inspiring a vision of life-long learning and engagement.” Activity Directors and programs help the senior population engage with their community and each other. It's not just about the events, it's about everything the events inspire within everyone. As the company grows, they hope to provide even more services that continually "Gather" people together in various ways. Activity Directors can see Entertainer and Vendors profiles that include name, program description, price, website, pictures, videos, and more. Activity and Life Enrichment Directors are able to build community with each other by sharing valuable information. willGather vendors benefit by gaining more exposure with Activity Directors. Using willGather means less cold calling Activity Directors making time to focus on their events. They can easily update Activity Directors about new programs and contact information. As times change willGather is changing too.

The changes witnessed since Covid has been the need to identify which Entertainers and Vendors offer Virtual Programs. willGather quickly added that identifier to their website right after Covid started impacting social gatherings. With the understanding that many senior living facilities don’t have the option to provide entertainment and programs in-house; most are adapting to offer Virtual Programs or programs from a distance. They have created a podcast “willGather: Navigating the World with Your Aging Loved One”. The podcast makes it easy to join alongside elders, family members, loved ones and the senior living community as they explore the world of aging and senior living with helpful resources and informative interviews.

willGather is still growing and needs your help! They are a national platform that really wants to make a difference in the world. They created willGather Wishes as a for-purpose company and are committed to donating a portion of the proceeds to non-profit organizations that enhance the lives of the aging community. The hope is to provide a vibrant life of engagement for seniors by connecting them to dynamic events within their community.

Nicole Will, Founder