Roll Call

Linda Roberts


Fitness Instructor


Q: What You Love About Being a Chair One Fitness INSTRUCTOR?

A: I absolutely LOVE my students - they are THE BEST!!!  I also love seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter during class.  Sadly, we are only virtual right now because the senior centers aren't open, but we are trying to make the best of it.


Q: Hobbies

A: Reading, Traveling, Tap Dancing


Q: Name a challenge…

A: Learning to teach virtual classes has been, by far, my biggest challenge.  I overcame it simply by communicating with other instructors to find out the best way to do things and by taking trainings on teaching virtual fitness classes.


Q: Precious Moment

A: I've been teaching fitness for almost 10 years, so I've had a lot of really wonderful moments.  One of the more recent ones, though, was in the winter in Chair One.  Pearl was one of my students, and I would guess she's probably in her late-70s or early-80s.  She would just laugh and laugh every time we had to shimmy, so I started calling her out and saying, "Let's shimmy for Pearl!"  For whatever reason, she just thought it was hilarious that we were shimmying.  I added it into more songs and said that it was just for her.  For whatever reason, she found it funny and I loved seeing her face light up with laughter.


Q: Fun Facts

A: I taught high school Spanish for 26 years.  I was on the dance team at Duke University - great way to get into the basketball games without having to camp out or wait in line!


Q: Pop of Color

A: I often wear bright tops and/or baseball caps.  (And, of course, for Chair One, I wear bright shoes, too!)

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