What is a Typical Day as an Activities Director Like? 

Article by Michelle A., Activities Director - Virginia

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an Activities Director? Let’s start by saying it can be incredibly rewarding, but at the same time incredibly frustrating. I’ve been an Activities Director in a Residential Home for a few years now and along with planning and coordinating all the activities for my residents each day, I develop calendars, hold Resident Council Meetings, decorate and schedule special events, and plan routine activities. That may sound like a lot because it is; at the same time there is a purpose to everything, and this drives me through each day. 


So, what is my typical day like? Busy, is the short answer, I am always working and thinking about how I can make my residents happy. Once I have come up with an idea it’s time to get organized. Every part of the activity has to be researched, planned, and set into action. One of the things people don’t realize about the role of Activities Director is how much prep and planning goes into EVERYTHING. You have a million hoops to jump through before you can even start a simple game like Jeopardy with residents. Questions have to be written so they are accessible by everyone not just the trivia wizard amongst the residents. You have to address health and safety issues and make sure that everyone, including blind or hard of hearing residents can access the activity. Prizes may need to be bought and the activity will need to be advertised to ensure residents are aware of it. Then when it is time to start the activity, the room has to be cleaned, tidied, and set up before residents can even begin. And with multiple activities constantly in process, you will always find me planning for something. 


We asked some other professionals what there day was like. Check it out:

“It is an honor and exhausting being so many things to so many people especially during Covid.”


“I enjoy interacting with the residents each morning when I come to work. I enjoy seeing all their smiling faces and knowing I made a difference in their day.”


  “It can be very frustrating for my residents during this uncertain time. They are unable to enjoy activities they used to enjoy including shopping and going out to eat. It is more important than ever keeping the residents engaged and happy. They miss their family especially being able to hug them.”


“Busy - always thinking about how I can make my residents happy.  Making sure my residents are anticipating for something and that making them excited so that means activities rendered are worthwhile the best of the best. I have to be organized and that activity for the day is up and running smoothly. Sometimes I am enjoying myself with my residents that I forget to eat my lunch lol (Not happened everyday but sure does happen)”